Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is QuicklyChat?
A: QuicklyChat is a quick way for coworkers to video chat with each other when they're working remotely.

Q: How does it work?
A: Once you've downloaded and installed QuicklyChat, add your coworkers as buddies. Then just double-click their name on your buddy list and, if they're available, you'll establish a video connection in seconds.

Q: Why would I want to use QuicklyChat?
A: When coworkers aren't in the same room as each other, the "walk up to someone's desk to ask a quick question" kind of conversation tends not to happen. But those conversations are often some of the most important. QuicklyChat is more casual and less obtrusive than conventional video communication, allowing remote coworkers to get more of an "in the office" feeling.

Q: What makes QuicklyChat different?
A: The biggest difference between QuicklyChat and conventional video communication is that QuicklyChat auto-answers incoming calls when the recipient is available. Incoming connections are displayed in an unobtrusive notification window, so you can keep working if you're in the middle of an important thought, without having to think about how to respond to an incoming call.

Q: How do I create an account?
A: First, download and install the QuicklyChat app. When you start QuicklyChat for the first time, click "Register" on the login page, and fill out the form.

Q: I don't know anybody else on QuicklyChat.
A: Invite your colleagues to use QuicklyChat with you! You can send them an invite from within the app, or just send them a link to You can also add us (jmharvey, syou, and yuranlu) to test it out or give us feedback.

Q: What is SmartStatus?
A: QuicklyChat uses SmartStatus to let your friends know whether they should initiate a conversation with you. Each user has a SmartStatus indicator icon next to their name. When this icon is green, feel free to chat that user for any reason. Chat a user with a yellow icon if you have something important to talk about. When a user has a red icon, only chat them if it's extremely urgent.

Q: How do I change what SmartStatus color I show up as?
A: Select "SmartStatus Settings" from the QuicklyChat menu, or click on the colored SmartStatus icon next to your name. You can then click on the SmartStatus icon next to each activity to toggle how your SmartStatus appears during that activity. We've pre-populated SmartStatus colors for some of the most popular activities, but you can change how you want your status to be categorized for any activity.

Q: Someone added me as a buddy. How do I confirm/deny their buddy request?
A: Just click the link that appears next to their name in your buddy list to confirm them as a buddy. To reject a request, right-click on their name in the buddy list and select "Deny Request."

Q: How do I video chat someone?
A: You can video chat any confirmed friend that is in "Online" status. Just double-click their name on your buddy list.

Q: I've closed my buddy list. How do I get it back?
A: On a Mac, click the QuicklyChat icon on your dock. On Windows, click the QuicklyChat icon in your system tray.

Q: How do I quit out of QuicklyChat?
A: You can quit by selecting "Exit QuicklyChat" from the QuicklyChat menu, or by right-clicking the QuicklyChat icon on your dock (Mac) or system tray (Windows) and selecting "Exit QuicklyChat."

Q: How much does QuicklyChat cost?
A: All QuicklyChat features are free while we are in Beta.

Q: What information does QuicklyChat collect about my conversations and activity?
A: QuicklyChat does not collect or record any information from the video or audio connections data sent during your conversation. The QuicklyChat client monitors what activities are occurring on your computer in order to display the SmartStatus Settings page. None of this information is sent back to the QuicklyChat servers. When you categorize activities, anonymized aggregate data on how activities are categorized may be sent back to QuicklyChat to help us enhance automatic categorization for other users.

Q: People who chat me can't hear me.
A: Make sure you have the right microphone selected. Under the QuicklyChat menu, select "Audio/Video settings." Select the correct microphone from the microphone dropdown. If you continue to have problems with audio or video, let us know at

Q: I'm using QuicklyChat on Windows 7, and when I run QuicklyChat while playing music, the music's volume is reduced significantly.
A: This is a known issue we're looking into fixing, but for now you can use the following workaround: Select Hardware and Sound from the Windows Control Panel. On the next screen, select Sound. In the Sound window, select the Communications tab. Change the setting of "When Windows detects communications activity" to "Do nothing". Now, QuicklyChat will not affect the volume that your music plays at.