The QuicklyChat Team

James Harvey has worked on projects ranging from building high-altitude wind turbines to developing non-traditional investment strategies. Before that, he raced solar-powered cars across two continents with the MIT solar car team. He likes being able to focus on a task without interruptions.
Yuran Lu is our computer guru. Despite the stereotype of the lone hacker, Yuran prefers working in groups, and even founded one of the largest student organizations at MIT. He tries to maximize his availability for his colleagues, and vastly prefers working in person to working remotely.
Shuang You has been developing medical records software for the better part of a decade. She's also been playing for or coaching sMITe, the MIT women's ultimate frisbee team, for the last 11 years. She knows the importance of balancing effective communication with privacy, and designs our software to keep your data private.

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