Push-to-talk video chats for coworkers.

On Mac or Windows

Low-Friction Video Chats

  • No answering required.
  • Interact with your coworkers as if they walked up to your desk.

With Fully Customizable Smart Status Updates

Automatically detect when you're available based on activity.

Do Not Disturb:
Excel, IDE, Terminal, etc.
Outlook, Google, etc.
Communication Encouraged:
Facebook, Hacker News, etc.

Why use QuicklyChat?

When you're working remotely, conversations take a lot more effort than just walking up to a coworker's desk.

Calls take too long to start

So short talks are inefficient.

And it's hard to know if you're interrupting

So you're hesitant to talk at all.

So these quick chats just don't happen.

This is a big part of the reason teams are much less productive when they're spread apart.

QuicklyChat gives distributed teams the power of instant conversation.

Video connects in one second.

So you spend more time chatting,
and less time connecting.

And we detect if your coworker is busy.

So you never need to wonder
if you're interrupting.

Just select the person you want to talk to from your buddy list, and you'll be chatting in seconds.

Learn more or get started with QuicklyChat today.